Commercial Vehicle Friction

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Chamber Engineering is the representative of Tribo friction materials in the UK.  Tribo, a leading manufacturer of disc brake pads, linings, clutch discs and other quality products for cars now offers a range of commercial vehicle brake pads. The friction compound, originally developed to meet OE original equipment specifications is now available in a range of brake pad designs to suit many aftermarket PSV, Truck and Semi-Trailer applications. Tribo CV pads have been used extensively across the eastern Europe and CIS countries providing safe, reliable braking in extreme winter conditions.

Using unrivalled product development technology and test facilities the brake pads perform with the following characteristics

• Long operating life (> 100 000 km)*
• Stable friction level at high temperatures (up to 450 C);
• Short bedding time with disc;
• Low disc wear
• Reduced Noise and Judder

The Quality Management System  of Tribo is certified in accordance to the requirements of International ІSO 9001:2015, and also certified for compliance of international Standard ISO/TS 16949:2016 (Specific Requirements of usage ІSO9001:2015  for automotive manufactures). Certification was made by German Certification Authority TÜV SÜD.

Environmental Management System is working as well and Tribo is certified in accordance to the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 by German Certification Authority TÜV SÜD.”

Each brake pad kits is supplied with high quality ancillary components and detailed installation instructions